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Your Horse Deserves The Best Version Of You.

Warwick’s training program is designed to create a relaxed, connected, and skilled equine partner, while also giving you the opportunity for deep personal growth.

It's Not A Method.
It's a Mindset.

Above all, Warwick values the deep and authentic connection that can be created with a horse when you are willing to listen. Based on 30 years of experience and the latest equine science, Warwick teaches you how to effectively communicate with your horse in order to create trust and confidence.

Addressing Your Horse's Mental Health

In order to learn effectively, horses must be in a relaxed state of mind. Most behavioral issues (bucking, rearing, bolting, biting, etc) are all directly related to a horses mental state. Understanding the physical signs of emotional distress in horses is key to successfully training them. Warwick teaches you how to easily identify stress and dissolve it before it ever becomes a problem.

Over 650 Real Time
Un-edited Training Videos

Warwick has videos for almost every topic both on the ground and under saddle (all done with horses who are learning whatever it is for the first time). If your goal is to create a confident, dependable, and capable horse, this is the training program for you. We also have videos on common problems, specific behavioral issues, and quick 5-minute fixes. No matter what breed, discipline, or age, these videos are applicable to all horses.

Monthly Membership

$ 29
USD per month
  • Over 650 videos
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Monthly fee is recurring until cancelled
  • Downloading of videos on APP

Yearly Membership

$ 274
USD per year
  • Over 650 videos
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Save 25% over Monthly
  • Downloading of videos on APP

Learn The Foundations On Which All Training Is Built

Learn The Principles Of Training, the 12 fundamental teachings used in every training program. Warwick gives you the knowledge you need to make educated, responsible decisions along every step of your training journey. 

Take Your Training With You

Our mobile app gives you access to the entire video library on your smartphone! You can download videos for offline viewing and work from the barn or arena with ease. Work through our Training Checklist, a sure-fire way to create a calm and collected equine partner. Full of tips and common problems, the checklist will help keep you on the right path. 

Not Ready To Sign Up?

We have hundreds of free videos on YouTube that cover a variety of horsemanship topics. If you’re not ready to commit to the video subscription, the Youtube videos will provide you with useful information.