Webcast Replay of Live Q&A with Warwick April 2015

•1:11 – What’s according to you the best way to soothe a speeding horse due to stress or overly excitement? •2:35 – How to I get him to sidepass toward me from the ground? •3:17 – How to handle a headshy previously unhandled 7yr old Clydesdale •5:54 – When trail riding my horse likes to […]

Webcast Replay of Live Q&A With Warwick Schiller May 2015

4:43 What are the greatest improvements you have noticed at recent clinics since implementing the pre-clinic video? Also with regard the the video, what have found to be the “new” common problems participants are having? 12:34 I think I’ve worn out the go forward cues, what do I do now? 14:35 Haven’t ridden my horse […]

Webcast Replay Live Q&A with Warwick Schiller June 2015

Transcript for easy navigation: 3:03 -Two questions: How soon is too soon to up from the walk to the trot on follow fence? Second, if it takes me 1.5hr to get Meyla forward but relaxed, am I missing something earlier in my gw? 5:26 – Question: Subscribing to your videos has ruined me for other […]

Webcast Replay Live Q&A with Warwick Schiller January 2016

Semi-Transcript for easy navigation: First 47 minutes Warwick covers: The definition of Stick to the Damn Plan (STTDP) Why “how’s your Groundwork” is a common question back to someone. Announce our first webcasted clinic! Answer questions that we had from emails: What can I do with a horse that has a tendon injury and can […]