You Are The Best
Person To Train
Your Horse.

I created this video library to help you create a relaxed, connected, and skilled equine partner at home. The unexpected benefit is that it will also provide an opportunity for deep personal growth.

You Are The Best Person To Train Your Horse

I created this video library to help you create a relaxed, connected, and skilled equine partner at home. The unexpected benefit is that it will also provide an opportunity for deep personal growth.

Welcome to Warwick
Schiller Attuned Horsemanship


We used to be known as Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship because Warwick trained high-level Reining horses with horsemanship principles. In recent years, the training philosophy has evolved into something we call Relationship Before Horsemanship or in one word, Attunement. We have recently changed our name to reflect a change in our philosophy. What hasn’t changed is a library full of Warwick showing you how he works with different types of horses in real-life training sessions. There are over 800 unedited videos, which allow you to see how he works with various horses and addresses different issues.

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At $29.95 per month, you will have unlimited access to world-class training, all for less than the cost of an in-person lesson. Join for a whole year and save 25% over monthly with All-Access Yearly plan for $274.50.

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Take your training with you! Warwick’s mobile app contains the entire video library where you can download videos, work through the training checklist, and ask questions.


Ask training questions directly to Warwick and get real feedback. Join thousands of others in their horse training journey and become a member of a global community of passionate horse people.


With several training courses and over 800 videos, you’ll have access to one of the largest training platforms with topics ranging from foal handling, behavioral problem solving, to advanced riding techniques.

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Some of the Horses You Will
Meet in the Video Library



A Mustang who was very anxious in the trailer & would kick out and refuse to go forward under saddle.  Warwick shows you how he created trust and connection.


A formerly high level reining horse, this little guy was the catalyst to a complete shift of philosophy and training for Warwick.  Shut down and living inside his head.


A young Andalusian mare that Warwick started under saddle. The picture above is her first canter! Dulce was an interesting mare, whose past was mostly unknown.


Warwick & Bekah Tate worked with Dixie as a baby and then she came back to Warwick to prepare her for being sent to the trainers to be started under saddle.


A pushy Warmblood that was at a clinic in late 2020.  Warwick works with Jack and his owner to identify what might be causing his behaviors and shows what he did to address them. 


Our homegrown Quarter Horse.  You benefit by getting to see all of his ongoing education.  We have many foal handling videos, onto groundwork and starting him under saddle in 2022.  

What You Can Learn From
The Video Library


Because of the way this training works, I now have horses who are my friends and companions. It’s not about how high we can jump or how many flying changes we can do, it’s about how connected we are. I’m at the time in my life when I start to realise what is really important. This is really important. This makes the difference to anything. This keeps my ship sailing, even when the seas are stormy and rough.

In more conventional ways, what have I achieved? Well, I can ride a sixteen hand, ex-racing mare in a rope halter on a loose rein miles and miles into the Scottish hills and woods. I have a finger on the rein and a song in my heart. I used to have bits and martingales and everything clenched and a failing hope that I might make it home. I haven’t had that feeling in seven years. I have a happy horse and we have a happy partnership. She is confident in herself, confident enough to be generous to others. She gives intensely gentle rides to any and all visiting children, as well as her own regular small friends.

Tania Kindersley


Get Personal with Warwick

Journey On Squiggle (Brown)

With our Community feature, you can ask your training questions directly to Warwick on a members-only forum. Meet other like-minded horse people from all over the world going through the same work and get advice when you need it!

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