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How To Be A Better Horse Person

Journey On Squiggle (Brown)

You are the best person to train your horse. This quick online course provides a condensed summary of my most important teachings and will give you some idea of my training philosophy. These topics are explored in full detail in over 800+ training videos on my Online Video Library. This free course gives you information on how horses think and learn, some actionable exercises that will immediately improve your relationship with your horse, and will give you a fresh mindset regarding your training.

Relationship Before Horsemanship

I had been training horses for over 20 years before I realized I had been missing a crucial element to the horsemanship equation: Connection.

The Story of Sherlock

I bought Sherlock in 2015 as a competitive reining horse. He was physically capable of becoming a champion, but I could never get him to realize his full potential. He was what we call “Shutdown”. The world, and my approach to training, was just a bit too much for him to handle. I had to find a better way, so that Sherlock could unlock his fullest self. This process led me on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. I began listening to the subtle signs of tension and anxiety that Sherlock exhibited, and communicated to him that I saw his concern. Once he realized I was in tune with his feelings and thoughts, he was able to feel comfortable and connected with me.

Unlocking Potential

I no longer just care if a horse can do a particular movement. I care about how they feel about doing the movement. If a horse doesn’t really want to move a certain way, they’re only going to give a portion of their actual ability. Discover how to unlock your horse’s full potential by getting them to fully embrace what you ask of them. 

Creating Relaxation

Horses can only learn while they are in the Parasympathetic nervous system (the rest & digest state). My new training philosophy focuses on keeping horses under their threshold, in a state where they can absorb information quickly and easily. Learn to recognize the subtle signs of tension in the course!

Changing Mindsets

In order to create change with our horses, we have to first create change within ourselves. We must rewrite our horse’s story and give them a clean slate. Often our own perceptions and experiences get in the way of addressing the present problems. Throughout the videos, I discuss how to change your mindset to best help your horse.