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13 Powerful Principles

Every good technique or training method falls under one of the 13 foundational Principles of Training. After a lifetime of training horses, Warwick has been categorizing the various training techniques used throughout the horse world. No matter what discipline, breed, or age the horses all respond and learn similarly.

Understanding these Principles allows you to make educated training decisions at each step along your horsemanship journey. Warwick clearly explains how each principle relates to your horse and often extends these metaphors into truths in everyday life.

Understanding Ourselves To Understand Our Horses

The world of horsemanship has been transformed. In order to communicate effectively with our horses, we must be able to control ourselves, both our thoughts and our physical actions. Warwick explains how we can build our horse’s trust in us by being present and making empowered choices with each interaction.

Oftentimes our horses’ responses are generated from patterns. Warwick gives you the opportunity to step back and look at how these little daily interactions often have impactful consequences on a horse’s behavior.

Relationship Before Horsemanship

The 13th Chapter of the book revolves around Warwick’s philosophy of attunement with horses. Focusing on listening to the horse and their needs in the moment creates trust over time. Holding the relationship between horse and human higher than specific training goals allows for a the training to take on a new meaning, not a means to an end, but a journey to be enjoyed by both horse and rider.

who is warwick schiller?

International horse trainer, clinician, and author Warwick Schiller began riding horses on a farm in rural Australia when he was seven years old. Warwick’s modern training philosophy focuses on creating trust and connection between horse and human by emphasizing the importance of the horse’s mental well-being throughout the training process. Having spent most of his life training professional reining horses, he now spends his time solving behavioral issues across disciplines and empowering individuals with the tools and mindsets needed to create their own trusting partnerships with their horses.

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