You are the best person to train your horse.

Warwick Schiller’s Online Video Platform gives you the methods and mindsets needed to create a trusting equine partnership.

Ways To Learn


Over 800 real-time training videos from training sessions and from clinics.


Several online courses offer step-by-step learning at your own pace.


Ask questions directly to Warwick and meet other passionate horsepeople.


Download videos on your phone using our WS On Demand app.

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Do you want to be able to confidently and consistently make the best decisions for your horse?

Warwick started making online training videos with one goal: To help people better understand how to train horses. From foal handling to advanced riding techniques, Warwick shows you not only the hows, but takes the time to show you the whys. With hundreds of real-time videos and several online courses Warwick gives you everything you need to create the equine partnership you’ve always wanted.

Connection Based Training

If you’ve been looking for a more empathetic approach to training, Warwick can help.

Warwick not only explains the principles behind the training, but offers opportunities for deep personal reflection and growth.



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  • Over 800 Videos
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Client Testimonials

"Thanks to Warwick's extensive knowledge, and his ability to explain what's happening, and more importantly his ability to simply explain how and why his methods work, I now have a very calm and confident 'ex-racehorse', who is an absolute pleasure to own. It was Warwick's guidance and methods, that enabled me to catch a 'rogue' abandoned rig stallion after a bush fire destroyed the property he was kept on. And his endless knowledge and patience when I took the same horse to a clinic, made a remarkable change in the way that horse conducted himself. He's gone from a wild, distracted, scared, bully of a horse, to a butter soft gentleman with the bravest of hearts, who places his trust in you completely, no matter the situation. This is no nonsense, no gimmick horsemanship at it's best!"
"The library offers a huge range of situations, problems, types of horses, types of environments, they are easy to understand, easy to absorb, and Warwick's gift is being able to calmly talk out loud whilst working with a horse so that the simple I'm-no-one-special person like myself, can understand and practise. I am a bit cautious and a bit cynical about online training however, five years later, no regrets here. It's changed my life. Essentially what Warwick gave me were the tools to communicate with a horse, the eyes from which I could 'see' the horse, the confidence to 'be' with the horse, and the pathway to forge a relationship with the horse. This journey has changed me, strengthened me and enriched my life beyond anything else I have done."
RG Thomas