Individual Horse Series

Individual Horse Series

The andalusian series is found under Groundwork.

Andalusian (17 videos)

The Andalusian series is the most comprehensive Groundwork series with one horse.  It takes you from catching in the stall through all the groundwork up until the first rides.  We have also put in a few intro videos like Leadrope Handling and Common Mistakes during Groundwork.

The Rearing Arabian (4 videos)

The Rearing Arabian starts in the roundpen and graduates to the big arena.

Kate and Ernesto (5 videos)

These videos show a series of lessons with Kate Danno and her horse Ernesto. Lots of good stuff here!

Rearing Irish Sporthorse (9 videos)

The Rearing Irish Sporthorse came in to be fixed and there is some rearing in the first session when the trainer rides the horse.

Rehabbing a Bucking Quarter Horse (9 videos)

These videos show the process of fixing a bucking QH. Disclaimer - you will not see any bucking!