Coffee Breathing

Coffee Breathing

  • When: Usually in AM

  • Up-Regulating (when you breathe at the rate of 20 breaths per minute or more, it stimulates your sympathetic nervous system)

  • Ideal before exercise, before busy or task related work and also in the morning

  • 30+ breaths/minute

  • Reduces CO2 (which leads to constriction of your breathing passageways and veins, so it should be practiced briefly, with care, and only at appropriate times. Never practice while driving)

  • Raises blood PH slightly (more alkaline)

  • Constricts blood vessels and breathing passageways

Examples of Coffee Breathing Techniques


Breath of Fire (which we already learned)


Bellows Breath:  Just like breath of fire except the inhale is sharp as well as the exhale.  3 rounds of 20x. Start on exhale and you do the sharp staccato exhale as we do in Breath of Fire, but now we also do a sharp inhale as well.  Belly sharply snaps in on exhale and sharply out on inhale. See video below.