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Step 17 – Common Problems You Might Encounter When Working On Flowchart


You have tried the Standing Still & Present Flowchart for a couple of days now.  Did you know that you can easily print it from the FAQ page if you haven’t already. The following videos are some of the common problems that you may encounter while trying to get to the Standing Still & Present phase. 

As you continue to practice this foundational exercise, if you find that your horse isn’t standing still and present as soon as you enter your usual working area, continue to practice the flowchart until they consistently achieve this state.

Additionally, explore more videos that demonstrate the flowchart in action, often recorded at clinics and expos. This will provide you with a deeper understanding and more practical knowledge to apply with your horse.

Remember the valuable tip about recording yourself during these sessions. It’s an excellent way to further analyze and refine your technique.

Keep working on the flowchart exercises until your horse transitions smoothly from the moment you catch them to leading them to the working area, where they stand still and remain present for the majority of the time. You’ll know it’s time to move on when you no longer observe your horse twitching for extended periods, and you start feeling that it’s becoming routine. Trust your intuition and reflect on the insights from the passing grade podcast as you progress.

Then and only then will you move on to Step 18.  

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