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Day 3 – Sticking to the Plan

What is the Dang Plan?

We are sure you are pawing the ground in anticipation of going out to work with your horse, we only ask that you trust the process.  Watching these videos and understanding the information is a very important part of it.  

There are 3 stages of learning and you are working on the first 2 by watching these fundamental videos. 

Stage 1: Awareness.  You begin to have an awareness of the challenge or problem to be solved. You do not yet have the knowledge required to solve the problem.

Stage 2: Knowledge. You now have the awareness of the problem and some understanding of how you could go about solving it.  You haven’t taken any steps towards resolving the problem. 

And Stage 3, which you will begin working on tomorrow…

Transformation: You have both an awareness of the problem and knowledge (or access to) the knowledge to solve the problem. You take action towards solving the problem and experience a transformation as a result. 

Awareness is always a good starting point! 

Remember how to navigate this course?  Just click on the topics below under Lesson Content.  Then at the bottom of each topic, there will be a button to move you to the next topic.   If you click on Next Lesson at the bottom of this page without going through all the topics, you will feel lost!  LESSONS = DAYS and the TOPICS = What we want you to learn about that day. 

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I’m enjoying these few days of just watching videos and then reflecting and noticing things my horse is telling me as I take care of him. As I bring his feed to his stable he puts his ears back at me and nods his head at me. I’ve started hanging back until he wants me in his space and he quickly stops this behaviour and either puts his ears forward or moves back from the door for me to enter. Interesting 🤔

My thoughts on using treats. I worked with a liberty trainer who showed us how to …. require horses to wait/freeze before accepting a treat. Add to that a hand signal requesting the horse to step backwards before delivering the treat…and you have a horse who comes to greet you, steps back out if your space, and stands like a statue to earn a reward. This has helped me tremendously with my smart and in your space horse.

I fee like all my parts are coming back together. I really lost myself as a horsewoman for many reasons. So good to hear all this in a coherent way. I can now move forward.

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