Nasal Breathing

Why You Should Use Your Nose to Breathe

  • Temperature control, humidifies, and purifies the air 

  • Adds friction and control to the breath that increases breath efficiency 

  • Triggers neuroreceptors in your nose and sinuses that signal safety 

  • Impacts jaw and palate development in children 

  • Affects quality and quantity of sleep (huge implications) 

  • Adds nitric oxide to the breath (nitric oxide helps increase circulation and delivering oxygen into cells).

  • James Nestor (Author of Breath) did tests – MouthBreathing vs. Nose Breathing and the health consequences were unbelieveable*.


* Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea events, Snoring all were much improved when Nestor did testing of Mouth Breathing and Nose Breathing.

“The nostrils of every living person pulse to their own rhythm, opening and closing like a flower in response to our moods, mental states and perhaps even the sun and the moon.” James Nestor