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Step 10 – Common Mistakes With Creating Connection

Step 10 - Common Mistakes with Creating Connection

Today you’ll be practicing the same exercise you did yesterday, Creating Connection Through Change In Focus. There’s a video with a different horse, which gives a different perspective on the exercise. Additionally, there’s a video on common mistakes made during the exercise.  Don’t skip watching these videos because you don’t have any perceived problems.  Having this information is important so you know what to do if a problem arises. Once you watch both of these videos, go out and try the exercise again.  

Remember how to navigate this course? Just click on the topics below under Lesson Content. Then at the bottom of each topic, there will be a button to move you to the next topic. If you click on Next Lesson at the bottom of this page without going through all the topics, you will feel lost! LESSONS = STEPS and the TOPICS = What we want you to learn about during that step.

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