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Step 12 – Judgmental Thoughts

Step 12 - Judgmental Thoughts

Up until this point, most of what we have been working on has to do with you!  That is by design.  So much of what happens with our horses has to do with us.  We have to be aware and observant.  We have to come with no expectations or judgements.  

Revisit Day 8 – and think about where you are with your horse again.  How did the Creating Connection Through Change in Focus go for the last few days?  

I get the question all the time – “When do I know that I can move on to the next thing?”  I think this is another area where there is not a clear cut answer.  There is a mix of intuition and evaluation.  

For this exercise, I would be asking:  After 3 days of doing the exercise is my horse easy to draw with the flag?  Their thoughts?  Their ears?  Their feet?  If so, then yes!  Let’s move on.  If not, then you will stay here until it works well.  

Remember to forget the timeline, this is between you and your horse now.  You will move on when you are both ready.  No judgment!

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