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Step 16 – Working Through the Flowchart

Step 16 - Working Through The Flowchart

Today is a bit longer – but it will be worth it!  The flowchart is such a crucial part of this process, that we’d like you to spend the time learning this.

At the beginning of the video, Warwick talks about clinic situations.  Now, all participants (with horses) at clinics are online video subscribers.  The FIRST thing that Warwick ensures with each participant at the clinic is Can your horse regulate it’s nervous system.  So, in otherwords, can they stand still and be present in this environment.  If you’ve ever wondered whether Warwick sticks to his guns about getting the basics right, this is where he walks the talk.

Because, at the clinics, unless the horse can show Warwick that it can stand still and be present, then that is all that pair will be doing UNTIL such time as the horse can achieve this.  So, they will be working on the flowchart until such a time that standing still and being present is easily achieved.  It has happened that this is the only thing clinic participants get to work on the entire weekend.

But, think about it.  Why would you want to skip over this and have Warwick (or you) try to teach your horse something if your horse is not going to retain it?  Even further, you would just be proving the opposite of what we’ve been trying to show your horse – that you are attuned to them.  If at this time, just because we are in a different situation, you decide to “not worry about it”, you are really letting your partnership down.  Please think about this in other situations where it might happen as well. 

If you have someone else in your household who would be willing to “act like a horse” for a bit, maybe ask them to play with you.  This will give you some practice before you get your horse on the end of the leadrope!  If so, practice a bit with your helper.  Then go out and try it with your horse. 

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