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Step 20 – Leading With Energy – On Right Side

Step 20 - Leading With Energy - Right Side

Now that you have spent the time to get the Leading With Energy very good on the left, you can go to the right side.  Get this side as good as the left before moving on to the next step.  This may take 1 day (because they know it well on the left it may take less time to get it on the other side OR it might take twice as long because they are less comfortable with you on that side.  That is ok, it takes as long as it takes.)

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One of my questions was answered while watching this..
Yes, indeed one can keep doing the stuff that must be done (feet, wormer, lead to where you need the equine to be… ride) but THIS work will improve everything, as time goes on and more is worked out.

I have an 11 years old Gypsy cob. He is very sweet, but also very spooky and insecure. That’s why I am restarting him and for one and a half months now I’m busy with the jumpstart program.
All the exercises are going quite well but I have a question about leading with energy. In the arena it’s going very well on both sides but when I am going for a walk outside I,m not sure what the best position for me is. Because he is spooky outside, I’m doubting whether I be in the leading with energy position, or maybe to keep my horse behind me. He can walk with me in both positions, but since I’m living in the Netherlands and we have had a lot of rain for a lot of months, there is grass everywhere when I go for a walk outside. That also makes him nervous because he wants to go to the grass the whole time. I watch the instruction videos about leading on the grass a lot of times. When I’m walking in the leading with energy position he keeps on pulling my arm out of the socket. I allow him to go to the grass just like you shown in the instruction video, and he connects much better when I ask him to walk with me again. But when I allow him, I have to allow him almost every meter because he keeps on focusing on the grass the whole time. When I keep him behind me, there is much more slack in the rope so he walks better with me, because he can also sneak some grass while walking.
So what is your advice when I go out for a walk? I’m as far in the jumpstart program that’s I’m training him now in different areas so that’s why I start walking with him outside.
I’m really happy with this 30 days jumpstart program. I was a member before but got a bit lost because of all the information there was. This is working really well now, We have done the exercises before, but we are now very much more precise with it 👍🏻😊
Thank you

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) June 19, 2024 at 7:42 pm

“When I’m walking in the leading with energy position he keeps on pulling my arm out of the socket. I allow him to go to the grass just like you shown in the instruction video”
In the instruction video, they are not “pulling my arm out of my socket”.

You have to decide do you want him to come with you, or do you want to go with him. You cannot do both. Id suggest not doing the leading with energy around the grass UNLESS you are totally prepared to have him respond to that.

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