Step 23- FAB on Right

Step 23 Focus & Balance On Right

You’ll notice in the video that Warwick mentions they haven’t worked on the right side for a few days. This serves as an indication that it might take you a few days or even longer to master the first side, which is the left side. We begin with the left side because horses are more accustomed to having us on that side.

Only progress to working on the right side once you’ve achieved proficiency on the left side.

Work on the right side until it’s as proficient as the left. It’s entirely normal for the side you work on more frequently to become the stronger side. This principle extends to other aspects of training as well.

If you did Focus & Bend first, then you need to go and complete the Leading with Energy exercise before moving on to Step 24. 

A reminder of how to use this course: click on Mark Complete below and when your left and right FAB is working very well, then move on to Step 24.

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I”m learning so much. It’s almost overwhelming. The videos of Robyn working with Rey are fantastic. Each day, I’m seeing measurable improvement. And, I’m no longer on a “timeline”. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing until it’s great, as opposed to acceptable. THANK YOU.

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