Water Breathing

Water Breathing

  • Balancing Breath
  • 50% of “natural rate” but 2x the volume
  • Aim is approximately 4-6 breaths/minute (This has an adaptogenic effect on your nervous system. If you’re up, it will bring you down; if you’re down, it will bring you up.)
  • Nose-only breathing  (if possible) 
  • Tones your nervous system 
  • Like Water, it’s good to do anytime (before high-stress meetings or presentations, if you are feeling sluggish midday, during yoga or low-intensity exercise)

Water Breathing Techniques

Alternate Nostril (which we already learned)

Ujjayi Pranyama - also known as Ocean Breath or Darth Vader Breath. You will constrict your throat so that when you breathe you are making a noise from your throat. See the video below for guidance.  

Sitali Breath (rolled tongue or teeth together in shhhh shape and breathe through teeth.)  Inhale is through tongue or teeth, exhale is through nose with Ujjayi breath (or through teeth with SHHHH sound).  Cooling/drying breath. See the video below for guidance.