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“Warwick’s approach picked me up where I was, and then took me step-by-step higher and higher. The steps are so concrete and well explained. I wanted to learn about loading and it worked. Then I learnt how to lead and it worked. It worked because in the videos I could see how Warwick interacts with the horse, he is so clear and easy to read. Then I learnt even when Warwick introduced focus. The honesty and integrity of Warwick letting us in with his own searching and learning and growing was profound for me. And I felt this openness is a very special quality. Now I am back working with my dressage methods and although I do less with my horses the connection is greater.”

– Sabine from Germany

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Access to over 800+ videos, multiple courses, checklists, and access to the private Community where you can ask questions directly to Warwick.

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Take your learning with you to the barn, show, or arena. Videos are downloadable and easy to navigate. Work through our step-by-step checklist

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Ask questions directly to Warwick, connect with other like-minded horse people from around the world and get advice from a supportive group going through the same training as you.


In-depth courses help you learn more effectively by combining videos with tips, worksheets, and extended explanations

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Work through the process with playlists that guide you every step of the way. Each video gives real-time examples of Warwick working with a horse.

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Warwick hosts monthly Subscriber-only Zoom calls to help members with questions. 

“Not only the horse training but the mindfullness practices changed my life. This opened up my ability to manifest things that needed fixing in my life and boy did it change. I’m still in awe how all this lead me to my new job that I love. Not only that, but I don’t feel alone and frustrated anymore. Warwicks there, the tribe is there, and everyday I just love reading everyones little stories and comments. So many friends I can’t tell you.”

– Sam from Australia

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who is warwick schiller?

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International horse trainer, clinician, and author Warwick Schiller began riding horses on a farm in rural Australia when he was seven years old. Warwick’s modern training philosophy focuses on creating trust and connection between horse and human by emphasizing the importance of the horse’s mental well-being throughout the training process. Having spent most of his life training professional reining horses, he now spends his time solving behavioral issues across disciplines and empowering individuals with the tools and mindsets needed to create their own trusting partnerships with their horses.

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We’ve just added the 30-Day Jumpstart Course to help people build a solid foundation with their horse, from which there is a felt sense of safety, trust, and clear communication.

Warwick’s methods work regardless of breed, discipline, or experience level. You’ll learn the techniques, and Warwick takes the time to explain what is happening between you and your horse at every moment.

Join thousands of horse owners who have transformed their relationship with their HORSES for just $29.95.

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A small Family Business

Warwick, Robyn, and Tyler all work together to help make horse training more accessible for horse owners. They are a tight-knit family business working hard to improve the videos, courses, and entire training experience. 

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