SKILLS Path to Ridden Work:

Follow the groundwork exercises in these videos if you have an immediate problem to fix, if your primary objective is to build a certain level of skill or performance or to have your horse obedient to your requests. A relationship is built with your horse along the way (it is a byproduct of the skills training process). This process is a building block type of process, where each skill is built upon the one before, so skipping around is not recommended.

The Principles of Training

The Principles of Training will empower you with the knowledge of how all horses learn.  Beyond methods and techniques, by understanding the underlying principles, you will be able to grasp horse training at a level that most horse owners don’t.

Andalusian Series (starting with basic rope handling skills and common problems video)

The Andalusian Series is great because it shows you the entire process with one horse and is very comprehensive. There are the same exercises in the Hooking On and Groundwork playlists.

Groundwork with a 3 year old Hanoverian

This playlist shows the desensitizing and sensitizing sessions with a 3 year old Hanoverian mare who was quite anxious and flighty. There is also a Hooking On series.

Other Groundwork that Prepare you to Ride including Saddling

Getting ready to ride, you must go through the saddling process. Here Warwick shows you on a couple of different horses how the saddling process went and what you might encounter.

First Rides

These videos are the BASICS of first rides.  There are several more videos on Riding in the Additional Videos – the videos in these sub-playlists are the BASICS only.


The first rides on Elroy are a great example of how easy it goes when all of the groundwork was done thoroughly and done well. Warwick does have a helper in these videos.


These first ride videos includes saddling and riding of Albert, a quiet, lazy horse.

Lateral Flexion

These videos talk about lateral flexion under saddle. It is very important to perfect this early on.

Bending for Relaxation

Bending for relaxation is an exercise under saddle that creates a tool of relaxation when you put a bend in your horses body.

Basic Body Control

These videos show the progressions through the ridden exercises and increase in difficulty through to the flying lead change.  There are additional videos in the ADDITIONAL VIDEOS playlists.