If your horse is consistently disconnecting from you (often this will manifest as them looking off to the outside) then you can use this video to help you.

If you encounter any problems with the Focus & Bend, work on them until they are solved and then go back to the Focus & Bend exercise. 

You will continue working on the Focus & Bend exercise to the left until your horse goes off around you, off of the point (not having to use the flag) every time and maintains the correct bend.  Then you will keep them walking around you (we are not lunging them, but they are going to circle around you). This will be a tool you can use if you ever need to show a vet your horse in a circle – we do not teach it for that purpose, we teach it for collision avoidance purposes and to get them to read your energy, amongst other things.

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This video was very helpful! I watched it before we had gotten to the point of continuing to move in a circle and when I finally did, my gelding did it almost immediately. I was glad to have the knowledge ready to address it right then (and it worked!) .

Really helpful video. I had someone try to teach this concept at a clinic, but the ability to clearly understand was limited. This really solidified what to do when disconnection occurs. I can’t wait to try the again.

So – after 2-1/2 months, I’m finally at this point. He will go off on the point, left and right. Just double-checking what’s next. I want him to do a full circle right?, so I can see if he’s “bending” in or keeping his attention on me. So this video helps. This will be another couple of sessions, because I already know he does not bend in or keep his attention on me. I have no problem drawing him in – I do it without pulling on the rope. In fact, if we’re in the pasture, I don’t even have the rope. So, just mastering recognizing the point that his attention goes elsewhere. Once we get this, then I go back and pick up the Leading with Energy. Which I’m looking forward to.

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