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Flowchart Introduction

Flowchart Introduction

You observed your horse yesterday, so it is likely that he did one of the things in the “flowchart”.  Today you will first watch all of the introductions to the different aspects of the flowchart and then you will repeat yesterday.  But, you will have more information than you did yesterday so you will be able to respond to your horse. 

The goal is that your horse is standing still and present with you in front of them. You may not get that today or tomorrow, it may take a long while. 

Keep in mind the twitching – you want to wait it out while they are processing (it can take a long time the first time, but if you interrupt it, it’s like it resets and you will have to wait that long again – until you let them go all the way through it without interruption.  This is another lesson in, the long way is the short way). 

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