trailer loading series

Warwick's Trailer Loading

Using Warwick’s empathetic horsemanship techniques in this quick course you will learn to:

Make Loading and Unloading Stress-Free For You and Your Horse

– Strategize Best Loading Configurations

– Proactively Prepare To Trailer In Case of Emergency

– Decrease Risk of Injury For Both You and Your Horse

The Change That Horsemanship Needs

Warwick handles horsemanship with a compassionate and patient approach. His ability to easily explain what’s happening allows for you to learn not just¬†how to solve issues, but to understand the why behind each decision.

Almost 2 Hours of Video!

Watch Warwick work in real-time with a trailer-anxious horse, as well as provide multiple examples of other trailering issues. Understand Warwick’s preparation process and how to deal with issues as they arise.