Body Weight on Mounting Block

Once they are good coming up to you on the bucket/mounting block, we want to get them used to body weight and seeing you out of both eyes in preparation for riding later on. Be able to rub both sides of your horse , and lean over them and place your weight on them and have them relaxed about it. Get good on one side before changing to the other.

Success Tips:

- Start out with just your arm over them with no downward pressure, then graduate to leaning on them, then to leaning your chest on them. If the horse moves just step off and use donkey kong from start.
- Be aware of your horse's threshold. If your horses head raises, or they stop blinking, wait at whatever stage you are at, until you see some sign of relaxation, then retreat.
- Be aware of stress indicators and ensure your horse can let down after every interaction.

Common Problems/Mistakes:

- Horse moves away when you lay your weight on them: Just slide off towards your feet, next time be aware of thresholds.