Pinned ears/pissy/irritated

It would be the same with any of these behaviors – If you walk toward them and they pin their ears, stop and step back and recognize that boundary. If you are standing still and THEY walk towards you pinning their ears, do something to change their thoughts to more pleasant ones, slap leg, do a quick jumping jack, something to have their thoughts change. It is not punishment, do not retreat if they walk towards you.

Success Tips:

- We have used this technique for many things including when feeding. Dale would give us a grouchy face and we'd snap our fingers or clap our hands (round of applause) until his ears perked forward, then he got his grain.

Common Problems/Mistakes:

- Backing up if they walk towards you - you can then teach them to attack you.
- Reacting defensively. Do the littlest thing first with a smile on your face! Escalate if necessary.