Bolting is like spooking. It doesn’t just happen out of the blue. There is typically a build up of anxiety that was overlooked. If you are riding a known bolter and have not started over, on the ground to get every single basic good, then you are brave. I would rather be thorough.

Success Tips:

- There are many videos of Bolting horses - just type BOLTING in the search bar. However, you will not see any actual bolting. This is because it has been taken care of way back in the process when I start the horses over from the start.
- Check for rabbits/anxiety level.
- Make sure all basics are good.
- Check what it is bolting to or from. Is it away or towards

Common Problems/Mistakes:

- Addressing the bolting as the problem. It is a symptom of a bigger problem - usually anxiety and the fact that they wish to be somewhere else.
- Destination addiction (the horse is not mentally in the same place as it is physically.)