Horse 2: Standing Still, Aware of You, Fearful & Tense but You Can Approach Them

If you have an aware but frightened or fearful and tense horse who lets you approach them, use Scratching for Connection. Rinse & Repeat.

Success Tips:

- Remember you are not scratching them because it feels good, you are scratching them so that you can have some interaction with them that you can immediately stop doing when their thoughts change for the better.
- If their ear flicks towards you, they blink, they lower their head, they turn their head towards you, they lick & chew - stop scratching. You are stopping scratching to mark the change in their behavior and to let them know that you noticed it. -Remember this: Your horse is just showing you what if feels like to be him/her in this moment.
- He/she needs empathy and patience.
- You may call this "counter-conditioning"

Common Problems/Mistakes:

- Not stopping when you get a change.
- Expecting too much of a change.
- Expecting the same change every time.
- Getting frustrated and taking it personal - it's not!