Adding the saddle and then the saddle with pad together at the standstill. Both sides – get one side good before moving on to the other.

Success Tips:

- Use a very light saddle so it is easy on your arm to get on and off.
- If using an English saddle remove stirrups at the start of this step, and only replace them when the horse gets good with carrying the saddle at all gaits.
- With certain types of horses, you may have to stand there for quite a while, could be 15-20 minutes until they blink or show some sign of relaxation. Repeat this process until they no longer lose relaxation AS you place the saddle & pad on their back.
- At any point in time if the horse tenses up, wait and relax.
- Stay aware of stress indicators and ensure horse can reset between each interaction.
- Don’t ask the horse to walk with this step as it can be hard to hold onto the saddle and one of the worst things that can happen at this stage is the saddle to fall underneath them and scare them.

Common Problems/Mistakes:

- Missing signs of growing concern.
- Not waiting for them to reset in between each interaction.