The videos here are the BASICS.  More videos are available under ADDITIONAL VIDEOS.

From day 100 to 160

Warwick talks about the progression of riding and how long it may (or may not take). He also talks about the importance of doing it in order.

Left Right Exercise

This is one of my favourite exercises I use on all horses. This exercise will help any horse. It helps them become more focused on the rider, teaches them to steer better, mentally slows down horses that want to be fast, and eventually teach horses to …

Adding to the Left Right Exercise

In this video I give a lesson to someone with a previously anxious and uncontrollable mare. She has done a great job up until now and has the left/right exercise down pat and I show her how adding the left/right exercise and the inside leg exercise ref…

Follow the fence

This is the second exercise that Warwick does after he does the left/right exercise. This exercise helps to keep them straight.

The Cross Hairs Exercise

You can do this after the left/right exercise after your horse steers a bit. You will start at a trot and do one direction at a time, get that direction good at a trot, do that direction at a canter and get it good before starting on the other directi…

The circle exercise

This exercise is the gold standard of circle exercises for reining horses worldwide. This exercise will teach horses how to lope/canter a perfectly round circle on a completely loose rein. I show you then end result on a finished horse, then show you h…

Teaching the sidepass

This video will show the start of teaching the sidepass. The sidepass is the important for your lead departure, your lead change, hip control and any lateral movements you want to do when you ride.

The process to teaching collection part 1

By now your horse should go forward straight at the speed that you put it at and you should be able to back up really well. At this step in the process to teaching collection, it will be the first time I pick up on both reins at the same time while go…

Introducing the Inside Leg

The inside leg is the last piece of primary body control Warwick teaches the horse. Response to the left and right rein independently are the first 2, followed by disengaging off each leg ( which requires the rein aid to be established first) , then bo…

The order of ridden exercises

Lateral flexion, disengaging, forward motion walk, trot, canter on loose rein without steering, bend to stop from all gaits, steering, left/right exercise, follow the fence, point to point exercise, cross hairs exercise, circle exercise, teaching the sidepass (1 step then multiple steps), teaching the back up, backing up from a walk, backing up from a trot, collection (slight downward transition followed by upward transition), inside leg, disengage bring the front end through on fence (teaching the spin), teach the stop, counterbend at walk, trot & canter, counter canter, flying lead change.

The 8 things a horse can do: bend laterally on both sides (1-2), bend laterally and disengage at same time both sides (3-4), go forward (5), go backwards off hands (6), get off inside leg both sides (7-8). Everything we do is a combination of those 8 things.

The 4 circles exercise

Here Warwick shows you the 4 circles exercise on Bundy that will be part of Basic Body Control. There are 4 circles that you can do on your horse, you will learn all about them and the step by step instructions to do this exercise correctly. Please wat…

Teaching the counterbend

The counterbend is an exercise that teaches a horse how to control the shoulders and ribcage together. Teaching a horse this will allow you to do advanced moves in the future.

Teaching the Counter Canter

In this video Warwick shows you how he begins teaching the counter canter. A counter canter is an important body control step, that helps balance the horse, and is one of the major preparations for the flying lead change.

Things I do every day

Warwick gets a lot of questions here on FB about big problems that people are having which are only symptoms of other problems In this video he shows you some of the little things he does everyday that prevent the beginnings of those big problems. Thos…