Your Horse Deserves The Best Version Of You.

Warwick’s training program is designed to create a relaxed, connected, and skilled equine partner, while also giving you the opportunity for deep personal growth.

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At $29.95 per month, you will have unlimited access to world-class training, all for less than the cost of an in-person lesson. Join for a whole year and save 25% over monthly with All-Access Yearly plan for $274.50.

Extensive Video Library​

There are over 600 real-time training videos that cover almost every horsemanship and riding topic. You will learn by seeing Warwick’s training process through actual training and lesson sessions that will make it easy for you to follow and reproduce at home with your own horse. The horses are learning what you see for the first time!

Mobile App

With WS on Demand, you can watch the entire video library right from your phone. Download videos straight to your phone for easy offline access! Available for both Android and Apple.​

Training Checklist​

Work through the training process step-by-step with the training checklist, filled with extra tips and training guidance. Keep track of your horse’s progress with ratings and notes at each step!

Training Checklist

Work through your horse training journey with a step-by-step process designed to create a relaxed and connected horse who is able to perform at the highest levels. The checklist is full of helpful tips and common problems. You can keep track of your horse’s progress with ratings and notes so you can document changes day-by-day. Work your way through groundwork onto first rides, and eventually technical riding skills!

Create the relationship you've always wanted


Because of the way this training works, I now have horses who are my friends and companions. It’s not about how high we can jump or how many flying changes we can do, it’s about how connected we are. I’m at the time in my life when I start to realise what is really important. This is really important. This makes the difference to anything. This keeps my ship sailing, even when the seas are stormy and rough.

In more conventional ways, what have I achieved? Well, I can ride a sixteen hand, ex-racing mare in a rope halter on a loose rein miles and miles into the Scottish hills and woods. I have a finger on the rein and a song in my heart. I used to have bits and martingales and everything clenched and a failing hope that I might make it home. I haven’t had that feeling in seven years. I have a happy horse and we have a happy partnership. She is confident in herself, confident enough to be generous to others. She gives intensely gentle rides to any and all visiting children, as well as her own regular small friends.

Tania Kindersley



$ 29
USD per month
  • Over 650 videos
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Monthly fee is recurring until cancelled
  • Downloading of videos on APP
  • Exclusive Social media community


$ 274
USD per year
  • Over 650 videos
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Save 25% over Monthly
  • Downloading of videos on APP
  • Exclusive Social media community
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