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Horse training is all about perspective.  The process is like a dance, a little forward and a little backwards.  The key is to understand that the ups and downs are a part progress and that sometimes when things get worse, you’re still heading in the right direction. 

Read that again.  

Many people experience a lot of frustration because they are unaware that the path is never a straight line.  The trouble is knowing when a backwards step is in the right direction or the wrong direction.  This is why the videos in our online video library are filmed in real time so you get to see the process and the progress (and the lack of it).  Many people have had epiphanies after enrolling in the video library saying things such as “If I hadn’t watched the videos, I would not have understood how long it takes and how many repetitions some things require in order for them to be an effective foundation to build upon.” 

This quick online course provides a very condensed summary of some of Warwick Schiller’s most important teachings and may give you some idea of his training philosophy. These topics are explored in full detail in The Principles of Training, Creating Relaxation and Connection, and The Human Factor online courses which are included in a monthly or yearly subscription to the video library, in addition to the over 850 training videos..

Ready to dive in? Let’s start your journey towards becoming a better horse person!

How to navigate this course:  Click on each Lesson, within each lesson are topics.  For example, the first Lesson is titled: The Concept of “Better”.  Once you click here, you will be shown the topics within the lessons.  Make sure you click MARK COMPLETE at the end of each topic.   That’s all there is to it – Have fun! 


  • To have you start thinking about the current beliefs you hold about your horse, your training process, and the relationship between you and your horse.
  • Understand a few basics about how horses learn and retain information.
  • Go out and try an exercise with your horse (instructions included in this course) that will begin to build or rebuild connection with them. 
  • To see the benefits of setting up situations where your horse knows the answer before you ask (an exercise is also included if you are up to ridden work). 
  • To recognize and solve Destination Addiction, both in yourself and your horse (another exercise is included).
  • To inspire you to become the best horse person you can be, for you, for your horse, and your community.8very