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Day 1 – Video Library Introduction

Day One
video library introduction

Whether you are here for the first time or you have been trying to solve a problem for awhile and have been advised to go back and “Start at the Start” – this is it. This is the start!  

We get it. If you are going back to the start, it can be discouraging, but this is actually exciting. If you are returning to the start, then you will see things you didn’t see the first time around. Warwick tells a story about a friend who is a second level black belt in Karate. The friend was so excited to start on his second black belt because he thought he was going to learn all these new techniques and exercises. What he found was that he got to do the same things as he did previously, but he was now seeing and doing them with a Black Belt’s eyes and experience.  

So, whether you are here mastering your first horse or you are on the second level horse, you will only benefit by starting from the start!  

One of the most common types of concerns we get goes something like this (an actual comment on Facebook today): 

“I am a member and watch a lot of videos but it seems the groundwork is too far back…..I will do whatever it takes to help him build his confidence.” 

The answer to her is that the groundwork is not too far back – there is no too far back if you want to do whatever it takes to help build your horse’s confidence. The beginning is where you should start and never hesitate to return there.  It is actually the fastest way to get to where you want to go (with horse training and in many other aspects of life!)

Remember how to navigate this course?  Just click on the topics below under Lesson Content.  Then at the bottom of each topic, there will be a button to move you to the next topic.   If you click on Next Lesson at the bottom of this page without going through all the topics, you will feel lost!  LESSONS = DAYS and the TOPICS = What we want you to learn about that day. 

What is Attuned Horsemanship?

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Love it
Very useful step by step guide. Flows well.

This is sooo helpful to me. Thankyou !

I love this approach. Makes so much sense.

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