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Day 1 – Video Library Introduction

Day One
video library introduction

Whether you are here for the first time or you have been trying to solve a problem for awhile and have been advised to go back and “Start at the Start” – this is it. This is the start!  

We get it. If you are going back to the start, it can be discouraging, but this is actually exciting. If you are returning to the start, then you will see things you didn’t see the first time around. Warwick tells a story about a friend who is a second level black belt in Karate. The friend was so excited to start on his second black belt because he thought he was going to learn all these new techniques and exercises. What he found was that he got to do the same things as he did previously, but he was now seeing and doing them with a Black Belt’s eyes and experience.  

So, whether you are here mastering your first horse or you are on the second level horse, you will only benefit by starting from the start!  

One of the most common types of concerns we get goes something like this (an actual comment on Facebook today): 

“I am a member and watch a lot of videos but it seems the groundwork is too far back…..I will do whatever it takes to help him build his confidence.” 

The answer to her is that the groundwork is not too far back – there is no too far back if you want to do whatever it takes to help build your horse’s confidence. The beginning is where you should start and never hesitate to return there.  It is actually the fastest way to get to where you want to go (with horse training and in many other aspects of life!)

Remember how to navigate this course?  Just click on the topics below under Lesson Content.  Then at the bottom of each topic, there will be a button to move you to the next topic.   If you click on Next Lesson at the bottom of this page without going through all the topics, you will feel lost!  LESSONS = DAYS and the TOPICS = What we want you to learn about that day. 

What is Attuned Horsemanship?

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Love it
Very useful step by step guide. Flows well.

This is sooo helpful to me. Thankyou !

I love this approach. Makes so much sense.

This is so helpful. I joined about a month and half ago and have been watching various videos but I have felt a little bit all over the place in going about fully embracing and practising the approach correctly. I did buy myself a flag at the Horsemamship showcase event in Leighton buzzard, UK. So I also have that tool to use now! Was also a bonus to see you work live and meet you (even if I did slightly embarrass myself).

I finally fulfilled my childhood dream a few months ago and got my first horse.
Now I have come across this 30 day course I feel so more focused and able to do this!! It’s really encouraging and really helpful. Thank you 😊

I have been a subscriber for 3 years and I’m loving this course. I particularly like the written explanations and the new videos that help explain things even better than previous videos (the ones where your hair is longer :)). I have discovered several small things that have made a big difference in my approach and, fortunately, many things I am doing right. I got a 19-hand Percheron a few months ago and it’s been an interesting journey working with this very sweet boy who has been trained to shut out EVERYTHING and stand stock still. As he’s coming out of his shell, it turns out he is sensitive (and more nervous about the world than he lets on).

So thank you for making this course, Warwick, and giving me the confidence I need!

Where can you buy the flag in the uk ?

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) December 28, 2023 at 11:01 am

Im unsure, sorry.

Where is the best place to buy a flag similar to the one Warwick uses? I’m in the UK.

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) January 10, 2024 at 11:33 am

We sell them on our website

Thank you so much for setting up the 30 Day Jumpstart! I am one of those people who was getting very distracted and lost in all the video’s and didn’t know what to do next!. Love the format of this and the written explanations along with the video’s. Much easier for me to follow and focus on where I should be.

Hi there, I am starting on this connection journey rather late in life having been involved with them over 60 years now. However never too late ! I have an overly friendly 6 year old QH who is very inquisitive, notices everything and loves to play. Like many others in your group he is very mouthy, sniffing nicely first then nipping. I have been rubbing his muzzle , cupping etc and when he gets tired of this he looks at me , then turns as if to walk away but swishes his tail as he does and gives a little kick up with one leg. The old me would have smacked his butt to say don’t swing your butt at me. The new me is trying to remember to pack a flag as I walk daily through his pasture on my way to the barn so I can keep his attention on me. However as I make several trips there a day and he always comes to greet me sometimes I forget the flag and I have to hurry to beat him across the field or risk the butt turn. I am torn between is he wanting to play a game I am not prepared to play or is he saying get out of my space? He tries to move me for example When we match steps, he stays quite close, and if I move off, he just comes closer. So now I make myself larger and clap my hand or wave to move him . I have been working with him online to keep his distance, but it’s just in the field where he seems to like to try and move me. Any ideas?

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) March 8, 2024 at 12:03 pm

Theres a lot going on here Cindy. Being good with horses involves being present, while being aware of the past. You are aware that in the past (the very recent past) this horse has swung his butt to you (your words, not mine) but in the present, you choose to walk in there without the flag. Where is your mind at that very moment, Has it forgotten the past, or has it forgotten the present and is not aware that you are about to walk into the pasture with your horse?
This is a fundamental skill in working with horses, the mental skill.
Now let’s unpack the rest of it.
” I have been rubbing his muzzle , cupping etc ”
When I first started on this years ago, I would keep my hands busy, cupping their muzzle but as the years have gone on, I have found its just better to hold your hand flat, and let then mouth it. The cupping and rubbing seems to encourage play, whereas holding your hand flat allowed them to engage without causing escalation.
“Then turns as if to walk away but swishes his tail as he does and gives a little kick up with one leg. The old me would have smacked his butt to say don’t swing your butt at me”.
Theres a lot of interpretation in this. Does he “turn as if to walk away” which would be his front end moving away from you, or does he “swing his butt at me” which would be his hind end moving toward you?
Working with horses is all about balance, especially balancing the draw/drive ration. Matching steps creates draw, so if you have a horse that wants to come up, engage, then swing his hind end around, and be too close, matching steps is not helpful, it’s creating the problem you want to fix.
So my advice.
Be present, carry the flag every time.The flag is a representation of your mind, is it with you or elsewhere?
Engage with his mouth, but don’t rub it, OR you could work on him not coming up to you, watch “What to do when they want to engage too much”. Actually lets try that first, as that will solve several issues.

Mr Schiller is explaining how to deal with it. For sure follow instructions. I am just offering an insight into quarterhorse personality. Some of the bloodlines are ingrained to manage a herd. Seems to me like your horse is herding you. Just for fun, observe him from afar when he is with other horses. Watch for herding behavior in the group. This does mot change what Mr Schiller told you. It’s just fun to understand a personality type.

I should have mentioned that I never had this problem until I started trying to have a better connection with him. I walked across his pasture for years with him coming up to me, but I just kept on walking and didn’t really stop to engage other than the odd pat. I have had this horse for 3 years and started him under saddle and ridden him etc without any issues other than a bit of an attitude about him wanting me to do more than him. We are in a daily discussion about this because if I don’t stay very present , he is so aware that soon I realize oh oh I am working harder than he is. I’ve watched your videos on this which are very helpful, but it has he objects quite strongly to the dressage whip and kicks out when I use it so I’ve tried just bumping with my legs I don’t want to revert to spurs. I find it better if I use a flag but then he’s constantly watching the flag and Of course, there’s a fair amount of flag movement when I’m out of the walk.

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) March 8, 2024 at 12:05 pm

“but it has he objects quite strongly to the dressage whip and kicks out when I use it so I’ve tried just bumping with my legs I don’t want to revert to spurs.”
You have this problem loose in the pasture, he doesnt read your energy, Go back to the start and solve this on the ground, then you wont have to deal with this under saddle. So you have two choices.
1.You can struggle with forward under saddle for several years
2. (this is what I’d do if you sent the horse to me) Do not ride until you have this horse good on the ground. The ridden problems with this horse ARE the groundwork problems.

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