Milestone Reached!


We are so proud that you have gotten this far with your horse!  By now,  you are well on your way to having the horse of your dreams.  

When we first started creating this course, we wanted to call it a 30 day kickstart to give subscribers like you a clear and defined path that outlined which videos to watch each day and the order in which to do so.   

That worked fine until it didn’t.  But that is why this course is 30 Steps long.

As we were building it, we got to the first exercise and then it became apparent.  We couldn’t continue to plan it out in a logical day after day rhythm.  This would set you up to fail.  So we switched to Steps when it became appropriate and we tried to explain when you might feel ready to move on to the next step, whether it took a day, a week or a month (or more).   

Until we have the continuation of this course to walk you through like this one, please use the checklist!  You can pick up right where we left off under the Relaxed and Connected Horse Checklist.  You would go to Groundwork and the next steps would be Mounting Block exercises. 

This is where we will pick up for the continuation of this course on this video library website, but it may take some time to get that put together, so in the meantime, you still have all of the support of the checklist. 

You also have the entire video library, a comment section on each video where you can ask questions of Warwick, a community section where you can ask questions of Warwick (Questions fo Warwick)  shop for a new horse (Horses For Sale Group) or connect with others in your area (there are many regional groups). There is also an app – and for the order of things on the app, just click on the TRAIN button in the lower right hand corner.  

You can always email us as well.  Perhaps by putting Subscriber Question in the subject line will help call our attention to it,

We are confident that you are the best person to train your horse.  With patience, consistency, intention and empathy, your horse will be happy that you decided to take them on the journey with you. 

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