Step 25- Trotting On Line

Step 25 - trotting on line

With a solid foundation in Warwick’s fundamental four exercises:

1. Creating Connection Through Change in Focus
2. The Standing Still & Present Flowchart
3. Leading with Energy
4. Focus & Bend

You’ve built a solid foundation for your horse. Let’s recap the essential tools and capabilities you should now have with your horse:

– Your horse will willingly approach you, even in a pasture, for catching.
– They’ll be engaged without being pushy.
– They will exhibit relaxation, presence, and confidence around you.
– Your horse will respond to a soft touch on the leadrope, both on the left and right.
– You’ll have the ability to guide their focus using a flag.
– You will have established “collision avoidance” to ensure safe interaction.
– Your horse will readily interpret your energy and intention.
– They will be easily moved away from you and toward you as needed.
– Your horse will trust your judgment and guidance.

As a result, the following developments should have occurred in your horsemanship journey:

– You’ll have heightened awareness of your own energetic and physical presence.
– Your understanding of your body language will be keen.
– You’ll be acutely aware of your thoughts and perceptions concerning your horse’s actions.
– You’ll develop empathy and comprehension of your horse’s nervous system states.
– You’ll also have an empathetic understanding of your own nervous system states.
– You’ll exhibit heightened awareness of your horse and their emotional state.

With these achievements, you’ve laid a strong foundation for effective communication and understanding between you and your horse.

So, starting with step 25 we will add a few more tools on your horse so that we can prepare them to be ridden (if that is your intention).   If it isn’t, the next steps are still important to having a horse that you can do things with safely on the ground. 

We will work on things that are intended to expand the foundation you have already built and build upon each other. 

trotting On LIne

Work on this exercise until you can easily get a trot online both ways (but start on the left and get that mastered before you switch to the right) with not having to urge them to and without any type of resistance (head tossing, bucking, ear pinning, etc.)

A reminder how to use this course: click on Mark Complete below and go to the next step when you and your horse are ready.

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