Step 28 – Going Between You & The Fence

Step 28 - Going Between You and the Fence

In this exercise, you’ll work on having your horse calmly travel between you and the fence, encouraging them to disengage and move over toward the fence. This activity serves as an excellent starting point for teaching your horse to navigate tight spaces, such as trailer loading, and begins to familiarize them with being comfortable beside a fence, a crucial skill for saddle preparation and riding.

Tips for Success:

– Begin at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from the fence.
– Gradually reduce the distance between you and the fence.
– Continuously assess your horse’s state in front of you, and if necessary, use your tools to reestablish relaxation or connection.
– Allow ample resting time by the fence; consider the fence as a resting spot.

Common Problems and How to Address Them:

– If the horse refuses to go forward, step back from the fence to provide more space.
– If the horse won’t disengage to a stop, it’s not a problem; let them stop wherever they choose initially.
– If the horse won’t move its front end over toward the fence, move away from the fence and work on moving the front end separately (isolating, separating, and then recombining).
– If the horse won’t disengage over to the fence, keep requesting the disengagement, regardless of whether the horse ends up close to the fence or not.

By following these guidelines, you’ll develop your horse’s confidence and abilities in navigating confined spaces and working comfortably alongside a fence, contributing to their readiness for saddle preparation and riding.

Work on this exercise until your horse is confident going between you and the fence both ways.  Confident means they go smoothly when asked but also don’t rush. 

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