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Horse Training Personality Quiz

There are two of you in this relationship.  We have gotten you to think about what type of horse you have, now it’s time to spend a little time figuring out what type of horse trainer you are (even if you don’t consider yourself a horse trainer, every time you interact with your horse, you are, in fact, training them – hence – you are a horse trainer). 

When you are ready, click on the quiz above and you will get the results via email.  

Do not live and die by this assessment.  It is meant to get you thinking a little bit more about how you approach your horse (and maybe life), but as with all of these types of quizzes, it is more for you to ponder than to take as 100% truth.  

The truth is, there is a little of all 4 quadrants in all of us and we can show up differently as situations call for it. 

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