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Intuition Vs. Process

Intuition Versus Process

Intuition is a necessary ingredient to effectively training your horse, to know when to continue on or when to slow down. However, life (including Horse Training) is all about balance. You also need the process. If you’re a process-driven person by nature, you’ll then need to come to understand the more subtle energies involved in training and intuition. If you are already really in touch with these subtle energies, you may need to work more on having a logical process.

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In the circle of horse-people I like to call my, “Tribe,” we’ve been speaking about the important role intuition plays in our horsemanship. Learning attunement and developing your intuition in such a way that it becomes a part of, almost every interaction or observation with horses is a process in itself. This process takes time, patience and a great deal of self-awareness to develop. Additionally, it’s something you continue to work on and develop over your lifetime. It’s not a skillset that you can say, “Yes, I have intuition,” like it’s a trophy you proudly display on a shelf.

So glad you included this video!

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