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Creating Connection Through Change In Focus With Sherlock

After watching these two videos, go ahead and go out and try it again with your horse.

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I have a bit of a challenge with my horse because he is blind in one eye. Perhaps he will eventually become more sensitive to sounds on his blind side?

This video with Sherlock was very helpful; but my horse stays in a stall so I have to take him out with a halter to lead him to an arena to do this exercise. Will this exercise still be useful for my horse? He seems to me to be shutting down when I would try to teach him things. He always appeared to me like he would rather be somewhere else.

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) January 15, 2024 at 4:23 pm

Yes, Id take him out and do this exercise

Where can I find the “Being Effective” video? I seem to have missed the memo as to where that is supposed to be. Thank you!

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) January 15, 2024 at 4:23 pm

Its in the Creating Connection Through Changhe in Focus playlist

I’m not quite sure what I should be doing at this point. I have 2 horses who both walk over to me when they see me. It sounds like this flag exercise is not the best for a horse that already redirects their attention to me. But one of my horses doesn’t like being brushed. Instead of the flag/capturing focus exercise, should I try brushing but stop when he shows signs of agitation? If so, how long do I stop and what marks progress? Thank you!

Warwick Schiller avatar Warwick Schiller (Administrator) April 23, 2024 at 11:04 pm

That would be ok later in the process, but at this point I would not be concrned about brushing. The Standing Still And Present Flowchart is the next step in the process.

Even though I had watched this video several times last year while working with a different horse, I’ve been rewatching this one and working an anxious 5yo over the last week. “Watching through a more experienced eye.” I needed more clarity on when to arc to untrack his hind end, when to arc from more of a distance, and when to walk straight. There are so many nuances to this work. Our body language and body movement is crucial. When executed as you instruct, works wonders. Extremely helpful video! Thanks again, Warick.

Rose in GA with 2 Andalusian mares

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