The Crab Walk

The Crab Walk

If your horse is stiff during the “Focus & Bend” exercise, you can use “The Crab Walk” to loosen them up and get them to start using more parts of their body in a more fluid way.

Common Problems when doing the Crab Walk

If you encounter any problems with the Focus & Bend, work on them until they are solved and then go back to the Focus & Bend exercise. 

You will continue working on the Focus & Bend exercise to the left until your horse goes off around you, off of the point (not having to use the flag) every time and maintains the correct bend.  Then you will keep them walking around you (we are not lunging them, but they are going to circle around you). This will be a tool you can use if you ever need to show a vet your horse in a circle – we do not teach it for that purpose, we teach it for collision avoidance purposes and to get them to read your energy, amongst other things.

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