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What’s Up With The Twitching

What's up with the twitching?

Now that you are done watching today’s videos, here is a reminder of what you are doing today:

Go out and halter your horse. Then take them to either a round pen or an arena. Then observe: what does your horse tend to do if you just stand there in front of them?  

Do they move? Are they twitching at all in the muzzle area? What was it like catching them? Were they easy to catch? When you led them to the place where you are standing, how did that go? Today, it is just an observation. 

This little exercise and the entire “flowchart” which is the next step, is where we are not ASKING anything of our horse (ok, you may have asked them to walk with you to the area you are going to work in, but once you get there, you are not going to ask for anything).  You are simply responding to what they do.  We are not training them. We are attuning to them. We are helping them feel better about themselves. But that is tomorrow. Today we are just observing so that when we watch the video explaining the Flowchart you will be armed with information about what you observed today.

A reminder of how to use this course: click on Mark Complete below and tomorrow you will move on to Step 14. 


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