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Video Library Introduction

Video LIBRARY Overview

This video explains how and why the videos are put into the order they are put in.

Many of the videos and playlists use the word Connection.  We are really talking about Attunement.  The sense of being seen, being heard, feeling felt and getting gotten (thanks Sarah Schlote for that definition).  You can have connection without attunement but this is usually a clingy, unhealthy connection.  We are looking for attunement which builds a healthy connection.  

Developing the attunement skills in the way that Warwick’s process outlines, will set you up for future success in your training (and dare we say, in your life).  You may think, “Well, I have a good connection with my horse.” and feel tempted to skip the connection piece of the videos.  We really discourage this, because it is these little pieces that Warwick shows you that are the foundational pieces that are built upon later.  If you have a different foundation, then the later steps may not work as well.  

One mistake that people make is thinking that closeness means connection.  Clinginess is not connection.  Clinginess is anxiety.  Connection does not mean that your horse comes when you call him either.  The connection that we are trying to achieve involves trust, self-confidence, relaxation, autonomy and we do this through attunement. 

The first part of the process involves not “doing” anything to your horse, it is more like the old Ray Hunt quote, “First you go with them, then they go with you and then you go together.”  The first part is going with them.

The Groundwork videos are where you start to do something with your horse – “then they go with you”.  Not only will you be bringing the attunement and connection from the previous work, you will also be bringing the patience and the focus on the process (instead of the outcome) that is a natural byproduct of attuning and connecting with your horse. Trying to train your horse without these skills will not deliver the results that you seek.

Before you know it, you will be going together and that, is a beautiful thing.  

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