Rey intro

A quick introduction to our new reining stallion Spooks Dual Rey.
4 years ago
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  1. This is going to be so great as so many people don’t understand the process when a horse comes out of their shell. I always say its opening a can of worms LOL.

    1. Agreed. I bought a yearling that I thought was so quiet and sweet but it didn’t take me long to realize that he was just extremely introverted and stuff. Has gotten a little western since then still working on it

  2. I am excited to watch Rey’s journey. I have recently purchased a Clyde X from a trail riding center. She was very obedience but wasn’t really interested in me or anyone else. I have done your relationship work and now she is so cuddly and friendly, but so much more spooky and fully of energy. Tony Haines and I have spent some interesting time watching her spook and fly around us, but she is starting to self manage herself. Rey’s videos will be perfect timing.

  3. I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing a comment of yours which I think takes an old Ray Hunt saying and takes it deeper and to a new level. I hope it is OK??

    “Horses notice when you notice and they notice when you don’t.”

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